Video instructions and help with filling out and completing i 94 expiration date h1b

Instructions and Help about i 94 expiration date h1b

The Sharper Rilo group first I'm starting let us help you and today I'm going to talk about automatic revalidation new i-94 when you travel as you know I have an article here that I published because I got so many calls I think two days ago people want to travel especially going on cruises going on to Mexico Canada for a little vacation because they're getting a break either because of their kids getting break from Spring Break or also getting ready for the summer vacation so what happens if you have an i-94 which is valid that means a seven nine seven is valid but you don't have a stamp on your passport and you're planning to travel for a short trip maybe one week two weeks up to 30 days to Mexico Canada so do you have to go get a new stamping so here we're going to discuss moons mostly ladies and gentlemen about h4 visa h1 visa and f1 visa and students who are on opt so what do you have to get the stamp no you don't have to get the stamp really if you are you can use what we call the automatic revalidation for example let's say you leave on Jan on April 1st you want to go for a vacation let's say one week to Mexico or to Canada and you don't have a stamp of you on h-1b or an h4 visa and you don't have to you don't want to you don't want to go and get a stamp because it's only one week is quick and you're not getting a time and you don't have a stamp on your passport as long as a 797 I 94 is good you should be able to come back provided there are few conditions though the one that can use those or h-1b f1 also can use opt student can use that too h4 also can use it but there are few conditions to that for that for this the conditions are here and they have not had applied for example let's say you go to to to Canada you try to get a stamp on your passport and the passport this is denied you cannot come back and try to use the revalidation because it will it's only if you don't try and you don't get denied then then you can use that and you have not and and you don't have a for example a pending case right this is what you're talking here is an extension for example let's say yo I 94 expires you're seven nine seven expires in May and you file for an extension and by the time you will come back there's no six month under on the seven nine seven that's another rule half six months under seven nine seven I 94 if you don't have that and you went ahead and you file for an extension the extension is pending you're


How H1B transfered while extension is in-progress and I-94 expired?
It is something of a gamble. If your extension is approved, the date of the extension will relate back to the expiration of the prior I-94. However, if the extension is denied your period of stay in the country going back to the I-94 expiration date will count as unlawful presence.That being said, only a fool would rely on legal advice from some random guy online.
How is the I-94 expiration date determined upon visiting the US with a tourist (B) visa?
People admitted to the United States on a B2 Tourist Visa are usually issued a 6-month stay. The maximum length of stay for visitor visa holders is 6 months. The immigration officer at the port of entry determines how long each visitor is allowed to stay in the country. Most visitors have their I-94 cards stamped with a 6-month stay, however the immigration officer has the right to issue a shorter stay on a case by case basis. Upon entry into the United States, the foreign visitor has the right to request an extension of stay.
Can I travel outside of the USA and reenter the country with an expired I-94 and pending H1B extension?
You can certainly leave the US but you are very likely to have problems getting back in. See How To Travel On H1B Visa While H1B Petition Is Pending see also
Currently in the US on B2 and H1B applications in process, the RFE has been raised. How does one stay on status beyond the I-94 date?
I 539 is required to be filed for extending your stay under B2. ( Actually I 539 is required for both- extension of stay or change of status). Since your H1B has not yet been approved, it cannot be filed for change of status and only for extension of your stay under B2 ( how much time you are already there in US? I guess it should be 3 to 6 months).You can file I 539 for extension of stay, say for another 3 months, as you have not visited all the places in US as per your itinerary and you have been indisposed during your stay in US. You also need to give an assurance that your extended stay will be temporary and you have already booked your return tickets and waiting to postpone them on hearing from them. I think you need to pay about $190 or so for extension. In case it is approved, stay till it is permitted. If it is not approved, then you can leave immediately on hearing from them, that it has not been approved. For extension of stay, you need to apply now itself, as about 45 days is required prior to your I94 expiry date.If you do this, and if H1B is approved, don't again submit I 539 for change of status. Get back to your home country and get it stamped by last week of September and enter US ( H1B will become operational from 1st October only).
How do I get my cvv number with only my credit card number?
The CVV is the result of an algorithm which calculates elements of both the card number and the expiration date. If you ever try to use the old CVV for an expired card or key the wrong expiration with the correct CVV, it won’t work.The CVV is there to protect you, the cardholder, from unauthorized use on the credit card. It, in theory, ensures that the person making a “Card Not Present” (CNP) purchase has the card in hand and can see the CVV. Of course, if you could guess or calculate it using the card number alone or the card number with the expiration date, then it really wouldn't be serving its purpose in protecting you.The only legitimate way to make an online purchase with your card is to wait until you have your card in hand or, if it’s lost, have Customer Service overnight you a new one. Most card companies will do this.If you have a relationship with the Merchant, you can contact them and see if they’ll process the card as a card present transaction without the CVV, but they will pay a higher Interchange fee for taking the added risk.