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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Admit until date d/s h1b

Instructions and Help about Admit until date d/s h1b

Hello happy school's fan let's talk about what happens after hm B visa is approved by USCIS in this blog post I have a flowchart that kind of shows how the communication process takes place between you your employer your employers immigration attorney and USCIS let's start from us EAS they approve your petition and then they would send the approval notice back to your attorney your attorney will send it here to our employer sometimes they might mail it directly to you okay so that is what it is basically going to happen what are they going to send they're going to send the firm i79 seven there are different kinds of five seven nine seven approval notice okay depending on where you live plus if a change of status application is processed if you read it here I have made it clear about the concept of change of status okay so I want you to understand that if you are living in USA and your visa status is an f-1 student or you can be on h4 or l2 or any other status and you have applied for H and B visa okay so that H and B visa can be of two types with change of status and without change of status typically these states employers would apply for a region B with change of status application what does it mean if your hnb visa is approved your change of status application is also approved along with your H and B we saw petition what does it mean when October first comes your status will automatically change from your current status to h-1b visa and you can start working on HMV visa if you are someone who living outside USA there is no concept of change of status you are going to attend your visa interview you come into USA at port of entry that's when you get your HMV visa status you have to understand the difference between change of status and your actual visa so I have separate blog posts that talks about the difference between the visa and your legal status in the USA the same concept applies here but ignoring all the noise around this what you need to know is if you're outside USA you get your rich Envy we saw documents which is typically your eye 9 7 9 7 which is in the approval notice i-129 which is the application for rich my visa and your labor certified LCA for h-1b those are the three important things on top of it attorney might send you few other documents like letter to you USA yes you get all that and you gonna turn the visa interview then you enter USA if the change of status is processed and you are within USA you don't have to travel in order to get your hitch and be status you can continue to work all those things the distinctions are explained in this.


What can one do if he has failed to fill out the JEE Mains form until the last date?
If one has forgotten to fill out the JEE Mains form there is no way to sort out this problem bcoz JEE Mains is conducted by CBSE and we all know that CBSE rules are very strict and the thing on which they mainly focus is time management.My only suggestions to those who have forgotten to apply for JEE Mains due to some reasons, is that don't get upset always think positive and there are many good exams apart from JEE mains which you can give which are as follows:-1.VIT2.Manipal University3.NPAT4.MH-CET5.BITSAT6.SRMEtc.Thank You
H1B Approval notice shows valid 'til Sep '20 (same as H1B VISA). But my passport expires Feb '19. When I did enter, US CBP officer told me they will allow me to stay until the expiration date of my passport (I94 = feb '19). How I can extend I94 date?
You can send your passport for renewal within USA. When they extend your passport they will issue/update adjusted I94. I.E. I94 adjustment is implicit with passport extension.
Have you ever dated someone to "fill a void"? How did it turn out?
Yes!It was before mobile phones. My friend and I were on a “double-blind date”.Fortunately, we, as newspaper reporters, were on 24/7 call out. The hotel manager telephoned my “bleeper” number, left a message on the answerphone machine.My friend then asked his ‘blind date• to answer the ‘bleep• which called us out to a non-existant car crash 50 miles away!We paid the bill, thanked the hotel manager…and left in a hurry!Sorry girls! lol.
How many day until the gas at gas stations runs out and needs to be filled up again?
The company I work for has 50 service (gas) stations spread over a wide area in rural Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia.We'd (almost) never let a site actually run out.Each site is fairly unique, depending on available storage, customer numbers and time of the year (many sites are in "seasonal" farming or tourist areas)If I had to pick an average it'd be two to four days between most deliveries at most sites. We will have sites "topped" up even when they still have 50% left in the tanks, if they get close to 10% there's a bit of a panic to get them filled ASAP.Many locations we have were developed a lot of years ago, and tank capacity isn't really good enough at some of the older sites for the amount of vehicles that are on the road now.Even at some of the sites we have, at the best and more modern sites we can be topping up daily, or even twice a day through busy times like Christmas and EasterOur fuel is divided up 50/50 between retail (gas/service stations) and wholesale, direct deliveries to farm, orchard, mines, commercial industries etc, so we have a fairly significant fleet of trucks that are on the road every day.
How many forms are filled out in the JEE Main 2022 to date?
You should wait till last date to get these type of statistics .NTA will release how much application is received by them.
How can I apply to Thapar University if I haven't filled out the form, and the last date for filling it out has passed?
Form filling was the most important thing. So, now you have only one option:- Contact the authorities and if they tell you to visit the campus, then don’t look for any other chance. Just come to campus.
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