what is i-94

what is i-94

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What is the best advice your father ever gave you?
I fell in true love in eighth grade or that's what my stupid brain told me back then.I was obsessed with this pretty girl! one grade below. Being a complete nerd, I only stole a few glances. But eventually we got to talking and I confessed my feelings for her, she did the same too.I was elated, I wrote cute notes for her and did a lot of other crap. Now word got around and people started teasing me. Eventually, people crossed a line.I'll skip the details, but I got into a very serious fight, that was blown out of proportion for all the right reasons. They were talking about getting me expelled. It was nasty.My dad was called. He was briefed about everything, I was the talk of the school, Every single teacher who thought of me highly now looked at me with disgust. How could one of the smartest kids in the school do this? I was being made an example of.My dad took me back home after spending an hour in the principal's office. I was expecting an earful and multiple slaps.We reached home, he asked me to get showered, have a good nap and told me he was taking me somewhere. I was scared. But I just listened to him.He took me on his bike in the evening. I had no idea where. But then we hit the market and we stopped at our favourite fried chicken stall. He got me a full plate.Dad: So you've hit the age haven't you, What did you like about her?Me: *silence*Dad: *smiles* You either answer me or you give up the chicken.Me: *Secures the plate* I liked her because she is pretty.Dad: Nothing else? *Chuckles* I figured it might be like that. Now listen here son, you're young, It's fine to have a few crushes, it's normal at this age, I had a phase too, but until you're in college don't act out on them. It rarely lasts. Take it to heart. You are a good kid, you're above all this.I won't stop you once you're in college, it's a good time to get into a relationship, you'll learn a lot about life and yourself.And the most important part. Don't chase women. You're a Man. Let them chase you. You're a good kid, you'll definitely have a girlfriend in college. If she wants to stick with you she'll stick with you. It's pointless to run behind someone. Someday you'll meet a fine Woman who is not just a pretty face. She'll treat you well. Don't hurt yourself in this vicious cycle. Let this girl in school go. If not her, someone better will come into your life when you least expect it. And it doesn't just apply to women :)Me: *mouth wide open*I always thought of my dad as strict, but I realised that day, His eyes glowed bright and warm, but with a twinge of sadness. I realised and learnt a lot that day from a man who has been through it all.Looking back on it, 8 years later, he was right. Sure I went back on his words a few times but it turned out as he said, never worked out. I wish I had realised sooner in life. I wasn't prepared to accept the bare truth. I thought being persistent would get me everything.No. He was right. Always.His predictions were spot on.Including the fact about a fine woman walking into my life when I least expected it. She stormed into mine. :)
What was the weirdest compliment you've ever received?
When I was sixteen my mother and father discovered that I had been having sex with my also sixteen-year-old boyfriend. Both my parents had had children when they were sixteen to other partners and panicked. I was grounded, forced to take a pregnancy test in front of them, and ignored when I said we had been practising safe sex for almost a year by then. They argued between themselves how to best deal with my crime. My father said that I should be made to break up with my boyfriend and practise abstinence. My mother on the other hand, knew that wouldn't happen and argued I go on The Pill. It was then decided I was to have the Mirena Coil inserted as I suffer migraines and cannot take The Pill.My mother insisted my boyfriend accompany me to my first appointment for this coil and she came along too. Once everything was in place for me to have the procedure the following week I announced I did not want him to be there for the insertion, deciding that it would be much too uncomfortable for us both.When the day of the appointment came around my mother picked me up from school to go to the hospital. I was a senior and a prefect and couldn’t fail to notice the obvious shame in having my birth control inserted while wearing my Catholic school uniform consisting of my prefect blazer, blouse and skirt. By the time we were seen I was dying for the whole thing to be over. I felt like I had the word “SLUT” beaming above my head for everyone in the sexual health clinic to see.The nurse laid me down on the bed with my feet in the stirrups and inserted the speculum, a tool which is used to open everything up, and looked massive and daunting. As tense as I was I barely felt anything and thought “maybe this wouldn’t be so bad”. Then the nurse shattered my relief by announcing that I was too tall and she’d have to get the extra-large speculum to reach far enough. She came back into the room with something that could only be described as a torture device more closely resembling a leg sized claw than a legal medical instrument. I definitely felt that one going in.As I lay there thoroughly mortified the nurse began trying to calm me by chatting while she carried out my pre-procedure internal checks. She asked about school and what I wanted to be when I grew up. As she continued to poke around she suddenly became excited and asked if I would mind her assistant coming to watch this procedure. Unsure what was happening I watched her run off and come straight back with a small woman who happily peered up my skirt with her. The nurse then exclaimed excitedly:“You have the most perfect uterus I have ever seen! It is textbook! I don’t imagine you’ll have any issues getting pregnant if you wanted to! Wow! Look at that!”**EDIT**For everyone saying I'm wrong because the nurse could only see my cervix I am just relaying what she said, I don't know how factual it was or if it's true. At sixteen I didn't challenge her!Also the procedure to do this is as follows “Before you have an IUS fitted, you will have an internal examination to determine the size and position of your womb. The IUS is inserted through the cervix and into the womb.” It is entirely plausible she said this after examining the size and position of my womb? I said she had been “poking around” so most likely her statement was in response to inspecting my womb.AND ID JUST LIKE TO SAY THANK YOU FOR THE 2K UPVOTES!!!
What should I do if I don't have written records/recollection of when and how many times I crossed the US/Canada border via road (for weekend escapes) when I am filing US USCIS citizenship N-400 application?
CBP will have a record of your entries into the United States. You can only get this information by filing a FOIA request, which can be done here: U.S. Customs and Border Protection. My own experience with this is that is takes quite a while to get a response - my own request took just over a year.Canada also maintains a database with records of entries in CBSA’s ICES system. You can make a request for this information from CBSA here: Travel History Report. The processing time is much faster, typically less than a month.If you get the Canadian report, you will have the dates you entered Canada. Hopefully this will jog your memory enough to remember each trip and how long it was so as to complete your N-400. All USCIS will expect is that you make a good faith effort to be as accurate as possible. If you miss the odd day or weekend trip it will be no big deal. The trips that matter are the long ones that may break the period of continuous residence required for naturalization. USCIS will also make a judgement call if your trips, while frequent and short, constitute a pattern of being outside the U.S. more than in it. If you just like to visit Canada (and who doesn’t - the country is quite beautiful,) you shouldn’t have a problem.
What will happen if you provide your SSN for employment while on visa over stay in the I-9 form?
To answer your immediate concern, no, neither IRS nor the SSA will report your friend to immigration service. Both agencies get billions of dollars every year as taxes from unauthorized workers, and they don't have the knowledge of who's authorized or who is making an honest mistake (people misstype their SSNs all the time). On top of it, many if not the majority of immigrants do not inform SSA when their immigration status changes to that of a permanent resident or citizen (or any other status that allows employment), so these agencies truly would not know much beyond whether someone spelled their name/SSN correctly.Now let's address your friend's status. First of all, misrepresentation on the I-9. Had she checked the 'US citizen' box, she would most likely be totally screwed (i.e. permanent inadmissibility to the US without the possibility of a waiver, even if she marries a US citizen), but if she claimed to be a permanent resident, it would be much harder for the USCIS to ban her just for that. However, it is much safer for someone working without authorization to work as a contractor, not an employee. W-9 does not require you to disclose your immigration status, and this way both the contractor and the employer are safe. I know people who have worked for years as contractors without authorization, and have been able to get permanent residence (but only through marriage to a citizen).Second, there is an important distinction in the immigration code that your friend needs to understand, which may save her behind, after all. While her employment is unauthorized and she is out of status, it does not necessarily mean she is illegally present - yet. And there is a world of difference between being out of status and being illegally present. Once she is illegally present for 180 days, the 3 year admissibility bar kicks in, and she will be unable to legalize her status (unless, again, it's a marriage to USC). The date she needs to look at comes either from her work visa approval or the stamp she got when she last entered the country, whichever happened later. If that date has not passed or passed less than 180 days ago, she can still get a new work visa, but she will have to leave the country and come back (most likely will have to go to the consulate). It is called date on I-94, and she should definitely talk to an immigration lawyer about it.Third, yes, she needs to file her taxes. Being employed unauthorized does not mean you don't have to file a return. In fact, the IRS treats unauthorized workers the same way it treats legal immigrants - in the eyes of IRS they are all 'resident aliens'. In fact, not filing a return may present problems later if she ever gets to apply for citizenship.P.S. If you thought the US immigration system is punitive, then you need to know that your friend is one the few lucky ones who get to come to the US legally, a privilege not offered to the vast majority of would be immigrants. In other words, others have it worse.
What is the most clever life hack you've learned?
When shopping online, always read the 1-star reviews first.If you see a car accident call the police. It may seem obvious but many believe that someone else will do it.Don't right-click-correct incorrectly spelled words. Delete the entire word then re-type it correctly. Do this to train yourself to spell words right the first time instead of relying on spell-check.While having dinner at someone’s house, intentionally take smaller portions than you normally would. If you don’t like the meal you’ll be glad you don’t have too much, and if you do like it you can flatter the host by asking for more.Before/While watching a TV show or movie try not to look at reviews.Before booking a vacation online, call the booking agency directly and ask any question. They will likely give you a discount for calling.Apply for a loan a day or two after your normal pay day.If you suspect you've been given a wrong number, read it back to them incorrectly. If they correct it chances are you were given the correct number in the first place.Put some tape on the cables of expensive electronics like headphones. If it looks like it's been repaired badly it's less likely to get stolen.Got bored from one of your favorite songs? Try listening to a cover version. There's enough difference to feel refreshing while still being faithful to the original.Use the three second rule to determine a safe distance while following another vehicle. Once the lead vehicle passes a stationary object, allow three seconds before passing the same object. This works at all speeds.Turn your lights on in an inclement weather. It’s not for you to be able to see, it’s so other drivers can see you.When finishing up at a coffee shop/restaurant, don’t shove your used napkin into your “empty” cup. Some poor soul will have to personally dig to remove the back-wash infested mush that is now glued to the bottom.When parking at a large store, don’t prioritize a spot close to the entrance. Prioritize a spot close to a cart return, that’s what you will care about when you’re leaving.If you have problems power napping for the right amount of time, hold something in your hand. When it falls, it's time to wake up.Pour your Coffee/Tea from a height of several inches (or more). It will introduce more oxygen into solution and tangibly improve the taste.Take a few basic first aid courses. You never know when you'll have to save a life!If a friend/family member asks you a seemingly simple question, consider that they may just want to spend more time with you.If you're going on a vacation, find a whole new playlist to listen to with new songs only. This way when you play it back later you can vividly reminisce about your time there in the future.If you're opening a box with a large, heavy item such as a TV, get it out by opening the bottom, setting it down, and simply lifting up the box.If you find yourself having to write or type someone’s name you should know, instead of asking them their name, ask them how to spell it instead, that way you may be able to avoid offending the person.Trying to take a clear picture? Hold your breath right before you take the shot.If you can make an excuse to buy it, you can also make an excuse not to buy it.If something cost 100 and it’s on sale for 75, and you decide to buy it, you did not save 25. You spent 75!On most calculators the C button means clear and CE means Clear Entry. The C will clear all input while CE clears the most recent entry, so if you make a mistake in a long computation you don't need to start all over again.When drafting an email, don't add contacts to the draft until you are satisfied with its contents.If you are excited for a movie, don’t watch the trailer.You want to know your true friends? Stop reaching out to people for a while.If you need to take your vehicle to a garage, clean your car first. They will treat your car better.If you have some spare time, look up volunteering opportunities near you to meet new friends and branch out in your community.If you like cookies and free stuff, donate blood. You get a free cookie!!If you get good service, tell the manager the name of who served you and how they did. It takes little time and you make everyone's day.Go back and re-read technical manuals for something you are passionate about, every year or so. It's amazing what new ideas you learn with a more experienced perspective.If you really want to understand something, the best way is to try and explain it to someone else.Whenever you are having a horrible day, write a letter to a grandparent or write a thank you note to someone. It's hard to be upset and grateful at the same time.Want inexpensive textbooks? Look for an 'International Edition' online for a fraction of the price.If you think someone is lying about their age, ask them what year they are born in. If they are lying, they'll have to do the math, but if they're telling the truth, they'll know it instantly.If you should clean the house, but you're feeling too lazy to do so - invite some friends over!
What is the name of the site to check my time allowed in the USA on a B1 visa from Jamaica?
The website that you are looking for is:I94 - Official WebsiteHere you can find your latest I-94 details, view your travel history for the last 5 years, and check your compliance, i.e., how much longer you can stay in the US.
What is the worst experience you ever had with a dispatcher, as a truck driver?
Who I was OTR, I worked for companies who gave their drivers route and stop discretion in cases of bad weather, road closures, extensive road construction, etc. The idea behind that is that it’s better to pay a little extra in fuel to get a load where it’s supposed to go than file insurance claims for equipment that winds up in a ditch.It also means Dispatch takes the driver at his word when he reports that conditions are too poor to follow a conventional route or continue at all. The driver is running the vehicle and knows first hand whether he can proceed or not. The driver can also scrap a route if it’s obviously stupid.Some carriers do this thing called straight-line routing. They do this because they believe it’s better to send their equipment down poorly maintained country roads, where you have to slow to 25–35 MPH to go through each tiny town and drive with an increased risk of incidents with people who don’t know how to behave around semis (Example: Amish communities and backwaters who think stop signs are for shooting at instead of stopping for). They think that’s better than sticking with mostly freeways where everyone is on the same page and trying to drive above 55 MPH.So, when I’ve had a problem with Dispatch, it’s usually with someone who used to work for one of these companies. I used to have a picture of a Qualcomm screen filled with a non-stop barrage of messages that I ignored one night because I opted to drop down to I-80/90 instead of staying on I-94 Westbound through Michigan. Want to know why? Lake effect snow! There were wind gusts blowing across I-94 with whiteout conditions, ice on the road, and multiple reports of accidents. CMVs are giant kites. I know enough about I-94 to stay off of it in a snowstorm, especially West of Battle Creek.So, after picking up in Detroit, I followed I-75 back to Toledo instead of dealing with I-94. It was still snowing on I-80/90 but it was really only hazardous for a stretch between South Bend and Gary. Yes, I added miles to the route. Yes, I ‘wasted some time.’ I also kept it upright and on the road. The Qualcomm started binging when I stayed on 75. I fueled at TA and responded with my intended route, but the binging kept going after I left. I already explained myself, I didn’t need to do any more of it, so I turned the speakers off.Mr. Former-Swift Dispatcher kept sending threats throughout the evening and he managed to cut off my fuel card, despite not having the authority to do so. I found out about that the next day. That stopped me for a while because I had to talk to several people to get it turned back on. It was also the weekend, which means my my DM wasn’t available to back me up. He was smart enough to figure out what I was doing from the message I sent and the route I picked. He only called me once. More time was wasted dealing with the fuel card nonsense than by going down I-75. Also… Seriously?! I DID respond. I DID report my route changes. Just because Mr. Former-Swift Dispatcher didn’t sign off on it doesn’t mean my card should’ve been turned off.My delivery was late because of my fuel card. I’m confident that I would’ve still been there on time despite my decision to drop South. I was written-up for ignoring the Qualcomm, even though I did respond with what I planned to do. I also lost money from that run, because I was docked a percentage of pay for being late.
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