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Dmv i-94 Form: What You Should Know

How can¬†U.S. citizens in Canada and Mexico make copies of the i-94 forms and file them at the Mexican Border? I-94s are used when an alien (including the U.S. citizen) was in the United States, but a border crossing point does not have an entrance or exit system and the official documents are not available. If your I-94 was¬†processed before July 9, 2009, and you applied for entry into the U.S. and¬†you do not have any proof of your immigration status,¬†then you could be allowed to enter the country¬†without any entry control. See¬†. I-94's are used by USCIS¬†to determine whether the alien's application for admission has been approved or rejected. In¬†addition, if the alien is ordered removed from the United States based on their conviction for an immigration-related crime,¬†the applicant may be eligible for a¬†temporary removal. The I-94 is used to verify the alien's age, place of birth, nationality, and immigration status. As of January 15, 2010, if you were in the U.S. when your I-94 application was denied, but you are eligible to apply for a visa, then you can apply for a visa that will allow you to continue your travel. You will need to provide evidence that you are traveling abroad as a visitor or for employment. If the I-94 is denied, then a ‚Äúwithdrawn application‚ÄĚ can be filed with the U.S. visa office in the home country for the alien. The I-94¬†can't be used for any purpose related to the alien's¬†entry into the United States. There are two things that must be presented to the U.S. government when traveling outside the U.S. on the I-94: A passport (or a certificate of travel) that is dated no more than one year before you are expected to return to the U.S. A copy of the I-94 Form I-797. This form is not required for travelers arriving in foreign countries without a visa. A non-immigrant passport or a Certificate of Non-Immigrant Status issued by an authorized consular agency of a foreign country, or an official form of authorization issued by the U.S.

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FAQ - Dmv i-94

What to do if I-94 is not found online?
If you can't find your I-94 record, you may be able to search for it on CBP's website or obtain it by filing Form I-102 or a FOIA request. If none of those options work, you can also try proving lawful entry through affidavits and other evidence such as plane tickets.
How long before I-94 is available online?
We will attempt to respond to you within 72 hours. Most asylum seekers should have received a handwritten or stamped I-94 upon entering the U.S., and may not be able to retrieve I-94 information online.
How long does it take for I-94 to be available online?
Travel Update. I-94 Data Entry Notice Customs and Border Protection is in the process of automating traveler arrival records to streamline passenger processing. The current processing time for entering foreign visitors' travel information into the I-94 database is 30 days or more.
How do I get all my I-94 documents?
If you need a copy of your I-94 record of admission for verification of alien registration, immigration status or employment authorization, it can be obtained at www.cbp.gov/I94.
Is the I-94 free?
There is no fee for the I-94 form. Applying for a provisional I-94 costs $6, but can streamline the arrival process and minimize the time you spend waiting in line at the border. Obtaining a copy of your I-94 travel record is also free if you entered the United States after April 2013.
What do I do if I don't have an I-94?
Instead, you will need to file a paper form with USCIS to request a replacement I-94. You must fill out Form I-102 ("Application for Replacement/Initial Nonimmigrant Arrival-Departure Document") and mail it to USCIS. If USCIS has your I-94 record, you should receive a copy of it within about two and a half months.
What is the purpose of an I-94?
One important form is the Form I-94, Arrival/Departure Record. It shows the terms of your admission, including your legal status, length of time you may stay and expected departure date. Upon your admission to the United States at a port of entry, you will be issued a Form I 1194.
Can I get I-94 at airport?
To access this record, visit the CBP's website . Your electronic I-94 record should be printed immediately after arrival. Nonimmigrants who arrive in the United States by crossing a land border will continue to receive the paper I-94 card. In these cases, you will not receive an electronic I-94 record.
How do I get my I-94?
Travelers may visit www.cbp.gov/I94 to retrieve their electronic I-94 number. Upon entering the U.S., travelers will receive a paper with instructions on how to access the website. Individuals can visit www.cbp.gov/I94 to retrieve a copy of their electronic Form I-94.
How do I obtain an I-94?
Travelers may visit www.cbp.gov/I94 to retrieve their electronic I-94 number. Upon entering the U.S., travelers will receive a paper with instructions on how to access the website. Individuals can visit www.cbp.gov/I94 to retrieve a copy of their electronic Form I-94.
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